What you need to do in the Phi Phi Islands


Phi Phi Islands

Phi phi island is right in the middle of Phuket and Krabi. You can get a boat from either place that takes about 2 hours. Since it is a touristy party island it’s more expensive then most places in Thailand. But it is definitely worth seeing if you are in the south of Thailand and want to go to the beach or go shopping during the day and party at night. Don’t expect to go to bed before 2 AM unless you can sleep through loud noise.

Restaurants and bars on Phi Phi

Pretty much no matter where you eat on Phi Phi the Thai food is going to be amazing. (It’s good everywhere you go in Thailand) A lot of restaurants and bars have happy hour including Banana Bar. It’s good for cheap nachos and buy one get one free drinks at happy hour. Then they play a movie on their rooftop every night at 7. After that people start playing beer pong and there’s good music and dancing. Another place we went for beer pong and drinks is Stockholm Syndrome. And like most places on the island they serve cheap buckets, which is a massive drink served in a bucket.


Full Day Boat Trip


Doing a full day boat trip was so worth it! At each place you stop you either get off the boat to go on the beach or snorkel with lots fish. You can find so many people selling these tickets. They all offer the same thing on the half and full day boat trips but they range in price. Don’t pay more then 350 baht, which is what we payed. Our hostel and other places were selling the same thing for 500 and 550 baht.

Bamboo tattoos on Phi Phi

We all got bamboo tattoos at F bamboo tattoo. The guys at the shop were all really nice and were really good at what they do. They all went out for drinks with us after we got tattoos.