Travel websites I use to save money

Websites I use most often to save money


  •– For catching a cheaper ride from someone throughout Europe. You type in where you’re leaving from and where you need to go and usually there are multiple people already doing the same route that have room in their car. Trains can be really expensive sometimes.
  •– Catching a ride with someone on their private jet for a small fee?! Amazing. It’s only used in some countries throughout Europe so far.
  •– Where I book all my flights on. They do all the work so you don’t have to. They search every airline and every website for you so you find the cheapest one possible.
  • within the United States) I always find the cheapest deals on this website while flying domestic in the states. They also have the southwest chase credit card that gives you 50,000 points for opening it, which is already a lot of flights right there. Click here for more information on travel credit cards.


  •– For renting rooms or an entire apartment. You will find people using this website all over the world. If you have multiple people traveling together it could be cheaper then each person paying individually at a hostel. Also, by clicking on the airbnb link and registering, you get $25 travel credit.
  •– Make an account! It’s worth it. The people on this website are so nice. They offer their couch, bed, or floor, to you for FREE! I’ve saved so much money traveling Europe using this while meeting nice local people that can give you advise on where to go in their city. You can use this website any where in the world.
  •– One of our favorite sites for booking a hostel.
  •– A hostel website that lets you compare prices with websites such as,, and hostelbookers. They list some hostels that don’t use booking websites and include contact information that other websites don’t provide.
  •– I use this website a lot if I’m booking a hotel. They will price match anything for you if you happen to find it cheaper elsewhere. But normally I find it cheapest on their website.