Camping in Mljet, Croatia


We stayed in two different camp sites while on Mljet. First we stayed at campsite Mungo in Babino Polje. We found stray kittens someone dropped off there and we let them sleep with us in our tent.

We got to walk to the Odysseus caves from the camp site. It was really cool.

Then one day we hitched a ride to the beach which is a couple miles from the site. The only thing near us was a small market.


We hitched a ride and stayed two nights at campsite Lovor in Kozarica. There was a super close small beach that was beautiful. There was only one restaurant near us and no grocery store.


There are not many taxis on the island so it’s pretty expensive if you ask the reception to call one for you. So it’s best to wait for someone that has a car to give you a ride. We got a couple different rides to Pomena where the boat picked us up to go to Hvar island. Pomena is in the national park on Mljet so we got to see that driving through.