What to do if your purse gets stolen.

I’m writing this because I unfortunately learned from experience what you have to do when everything gets lost or stolen. Now I know not to carry a purse in a foreign country late at night on a not so busy street. I’ve now heard lots of stories of this happening in a lot of Asian countries where people are on motorbikes and they ride past you and steal your purse right off of you. If you’re going out late at night you don’t need much. Put your money in your bra or pocket, then you don’t have to worry about anything happening.

Travel Insurance– First things first, get travel insurance! You only hope nothing gets stolen on your trip but it happens a lot and you wanna get reimbursed if it does. It also covers you if you have a canceled or delayed flight, or if you get sick or hurt. Most insurances will even cover you enough that they will fly you home if you’re hurt somewhere in a third world country and don’t have access to a good hospital.

Always carry back ups- Before you leave on your trip always make copies of your passport, credit cards, debit cards, and drivers license. I made the mistake of carrying all of my cards in my wallet and not keeping one for backup in my backpack. Always keep a debit card and a little money in a different spot just in case something happens and you need cash. Also, write down the numbers on the back of your card so you can call your bank and cancel your cards right when they go missing. I had to get mine sent to my hostel I was staying, luckily I was staying there for at least a week. Check to see if the place you are in has your bank in their city. It would be the easiest way to get a new card if you could walk in and talk to them about a replacement card.

Go to the police right away– If something gets stolen you need to need to file police report anyways for your travel insurance claim.  They will not reimburse you without it. If you go to them quick enough like I  did, they may even find the people who stole your belongings.

How to receive cash without a debit card– You can call someone back home and have them wire you money through Western Union. There are Western Unions everywhere. They just need your name as it appears on your passport, the country you are in,  and the amount you want to receive. You can then go pick up your money at a Western Union, and the only thing you need to show them is your passport.

If your passport gets stolen– Luckily my passport was not stolen,  but if it does you will have to go to the nearest U.S. consulate in that country to get a temporary one. You may need another form of identification, so always have a copy of your passport or ID. If you don’t have money, a phone, or copies of anything, going to the U.S. consulate is your best bet because they will help you get ahold of someone back home that can help you out. This stuff happens more then you think and they will be there to help you out.