Gili Trawangan Island

The swings at Ombak sunset Hotel

This is one of the best spots to watch the sunset. Everyone lines up every night to take pictures on the swing.

Eating the local food

There is a local night market every night at 7pm near pier.

Watching the pink and purple sunset

The most beautiful sunsetsĀ I’ve ever seen have been on this Island.

Exploring the Island by bike

Gili T has no motorbikes or cars. Rent a bicycle and explore the Island. Don’t just circle the Island. Bike through the middle of the Island to find little villages and wild animals.

Finding a place to eat lunch and lay out

There are tons of little restaurants on the sand that also have bean bags and umbrellas so you can lay out.


Rent snorkeling gear and try and find turtles.

Casa Vintage

Nice place to eat with the cutest atmosphere on the Island.

Le Pirate Beach Club

This is best little beach club on Gili T. You can watch the sunset, swim, eat, and sleep in little bungalows.