Best travel credit cards for flights


Best travel credit cards for flights.

Only open a credit card if they give you a big amount of bonus points for opening it. Normally they have a certain amount you need to spend within the first couple months of opening the card for them to put the points in to your account. But normally it’s not more then $1,000 per month. So just use the card for everything, including all of your bills in the first couple months of opening the card.

When I’m in a different country I always use my travel credit card to pay for things anywhere they accept credit cards because you’re earning points. Plus, if you keep using your debit card to get out money at an ATM there’s always a fee for getting money out. So stretch your money further and use your credit card where you can because most travel credit cards don’t have foreign transaction fees.

Barclay World Elite MasterCard -I got 40,000 points for opening the card after spending $3,000 in the first 90 days. I use this credit card for basically everything I buy considering it gives you 2 points per dollar where most credit cards only give you one. Once you rack up your points and then use them for travel, you get reimbursed and the money gets put back into your account.

Chase Southwest Visa– I got 50,000 points after spending $2,000 in the first three months of having the card. When I’m in the states, Southwest is the only airline I fly because they always have the best deals, PLUS they allow you one free checked bag so it always ends up being the cheapest. The first year they wave the fee for having it. It’s worth it to keep the card because every year when they charge you for the card they put 6,000 more points into your account.

Chase British Airways Visa– It gave me 50,000 points just for opening it after spending $2,000 in my first three months. I signed up for this card a few months before I knew I would be traveling a lot in Europe. So while I was in Europe I got a few free flights on British Airways, one of the nicest airlines I’ve flown with. Usually they are really expensive. I just closed the card after I used all the points to avoid getting a renewal fee. It’s waved the first year.

Those are the three credit cards I’ve used that I’ve really liked. If you want to stick to your own bank, most of them have some kind of travel credit card with different benefits. But you might as well take advantage of the travel points and earn yourself free travel.

Travel Debit Card

As for debit cards, you want a card that doesn’t charge you a lot to get money out at the ATM. Most cards charge you $5 but some are a lot more. Charles Schwab Debit Card is the only debit card I know that doesn’t charge you anything for getting money out. So if you are traveling for a long time it’s definitely worth it to get this card.

There are also travel cards that partner with hotels as well. Some of them have good opening bonuses but I’ve only used the credit cards to get me points for flights because I don’t stay at hotels a lot.

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