10 things to do in Chiang Mai


Old City – Check out agoda and stay at a hostel or guesthouse inside the old city. It’s a central spot for all the main things happening in the town.

Ran Tong Elephant Save & Rescue Center– You have to go see elephants when you go to Chiang Mai. There are a ton of companies you can do it with but you have to make sure they treat the elephants well. We were recommended by our hostel about Rang Tong and we really liked it because it’s a rescue center. They let us play with the baby elephant that was so cute and acted like a puppy. We bathed and fed the two older elephants. You can do a full day or half day. The half day was 1,700 baht.

Tiger Kingdom– Another thing you have to do in Chiang Mai is go play with the tigers. The tigers are treated well and raised since birth. You get the option of getting to play with the different sizes of tigers, the smallest, small, medium, or large. The smallest were definitely the cutest and the most playful. It cost 500-700 baht depending on what size tiger you play with.

Insect Museum– On our day tour we chose to go to the insect museum which was really cool. It was only 200 baht and they had butterflies, iguanas, spiders, scorpions, and other insects they let you hold.

Temples-There are hundreds of temples in Chiang Mai. In the old town alone there are 49 temples. The most popular temple is the one way up on the top of a hill called Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. We went there on our day tour, so we had a driver take us up there. It’s up a really windy road on top of a mountain and you can get a really good view of the whole city.

Muay Thai fight– Muay Thai is really popular in Thailand and in Chiang Mai you can go and see a fight. It was pretty entertaining and you can bet on the fighters. It cost 450 baht and is held at the night bazaar so you can go shopping and get dinner then go see a fight.


Cabaret show-Chiang Mai is filled with lady boys. The lady boy cabaret show was a really funny night. They dance, sing, pull people up on stage and they have a few impersonators. It is also held at the night bazaar. It cost 250 baht but includes one beer.


Night Markets-The night markets in Chiang Mai go on every night and are filled with so much food and shopping it seems like it never ends. There is also a Saturday and a Sunday night market that are in two different locations.


Bar Hopping-There is an area inside the old city that has a bunch of bars and dancing. There is a reggae bar called Roots Rock Reggae and another bar called Zoe in Yellow we went to inside that area.

Massages– At the night markets in Chiang Mai they have massage stations set up in a few different locations. They are about half the price you would pay in a spa. We got 1/2 hour foot massages for 70 baht. We also got really good massages at Lila Massage. They are only 200 baht for an hour. They are always busy so it’s good to call or go in an hour ahead of time and make an appointment.